Virtual Private Assistants

They can serve many purposes. A Virtual Private Assistant or VPA can be permanent and dedicated employee for your organization. A VPA can be temporary assistant or a helping hand for an individual or an organization.

  • Technical Support Represtative

  • Email Support Representative

  • Online Bookkeeping

  • Document Management

  • Graphic Designer

  • Non-Office Work, such as apartment hunters, or assistants in real estate purchase

  • Virtual Private Assistants

    A dedicated assistant service gives you access to your own private employee. The service can be for an individual or for a group or a company. An assistant is accesible via telephone, web chat, or email. We can manage to pay your single or multiple bills or invoices.

  • Voice Services

    Intelisales offer telephone services such as telemarketing, follow-up calls, taking telephone orders, and more.

  • Data Services

    From email support to excel sheet solutions; we can handle all your data services. We have experience with New York Stock Exchange data solution for a client.

  • Call Center Training

    Intelisales feel proud to conduct several training services for clients. The agents have now become managers and some have created their own businesses.

  • Outsourced Desk

    A dedicated desk with a staff. This service provides more technical services. We provide services such as rapid web development, logo creation, Technical Level One support. These are more professional services.

  • Consultancy

    The consultancy service includes mathematics of call center setup, human resrouces, training, CRM, call center furniture design, call center floor design, and any thing that relates to call center industry.